Rice Kitchen

At Rice, all Chicken is Halal

At Rice, we pride ourselves on having something for everyone, and that means accommodating a variety of dietary needs, wants and tastes. Along those lines, and in response to inquiries from our customers who adhere to a Halal diet, we wanted to take a moment to let you know that our chicken is Halal certified.

What is Halal?

Halal food is guided by accreditation criteria that govern how the meat is produced, sourced, and prepared for consumption. Halal food in Miami may not be easy to find, so we invite you to spread the word that Rice House of Kabob and Rice Mediterranean Kitchen serves only Halal Chicken to those who are looking for food that fits in with their lifestyle. If you and your family eat Halal, you will love our Chicken Joojeh! We offer the Joojeh as a platter, with salad or wrap. the build-your-bowl with Spicy Roasted Chicken or Slow Cooked Chicken Breast. We firmly believe that Rice offers the best Halal chicken in South Florida!