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5 star ratingI LOVE THIS PLACE. I'm not in Miami that often but when I am I HAVE to go to this place. I basically always get the same thing because it's just so delicious and just leaves me wanting more even when I'm so full. I recommend trying the braised beef for sure!! Also the honey nut get is my go to scoop sauces as well as the yogurts. Their tumac sauce is so good sometimes I just want to DROWN my food in it! If you're in Miami this place is a must!

Elijah B. Avatar
Elijah B.

5 star ratingWhat a pleasure! Rice has been a great addition to Coral Gables. This place offers healthy options where you pick the ingredients and a nice clean atmosphere. They are usually generous with the portions. They offer a rewards programs where you can earn points for free items. You can expect good service and full room during lunch hours.

Elizabeth T. Avatar
Elizabeth T.

5 star ratingI LOVE Rice!

It's definitely my go-to spot. Quick and tasty. Portion is big enough and very filling. Also love the freshness and their points program gives me an incentive to visit more often!

Love this place - one of my fav mediterranean restaurants.

Rachel P. Avatar
Rachel P.