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5 star ratingGet the chicken joojeh platter - best on the menu. Good food, cheap food, order extra Sumac.

Lindsey H. Avatar
Lindsey H.

5 star ratingFirst time at Rice bc coworkers at work orders from them all the time. Portion is big and food is good. Kind of like chipotle but better. Price is also reasonable. They actually give a lot of meat and I like that. Will definitely come back to build a different b

Li Z. Avatar
Li Z.

5 star ratingGreat place to come for fast food Mediterranean food. You can pick from a few base plates and then add X number of things from different categories.

I got the salad and black lentils base (called green and grain). Then added veggies and falafel balls along with 2 scoops of yogurt and another one than you can add other things (avacado will be extra though)

I was only planning to eat 1/4 of the bowl because I wasn't feeling well. But it was so good that I ate 1/2 and wanted more but stopped because I didn't want feel worse.

David S. Avatar
David S.