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5 star ratingFirst time comer and I can't wait to come back. Portions are perfect, protein rich and varied. You leave full without being sluggish or heavy. Flavors are great! Must come.

Yireh R. Avatar
Yireh R.

5 star ratingThis place is basically a Mediterranean version of chipotle. Super flavorful food and really great environment. Portion size was good, they were a little stingy on the protein portions, though. The lentils and falafel were flavored really well and I thought the dressing combos were really creative. It's a little expensive, but if you're looking for a decently sized, hearty, nutritious meal then Rice is definitely worth going to.

Meggie P. Avatar
Meggie P.

5 star ratingMy friends and I decided to stop by and WOW, I was amazed. Mediterranean food never really caught my attention but this place is absolutely delicious and I can't wait to go back. I ordered a grain bowl with brown rice and got to pick the toppings and protein. Everything was fresh and flavorful. The hummus and chicken were my favorite!

Tatiana J. Avatar
Tatiana J.