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5 star ratingFlavors here are outstanding. Vegi rice dish was so good and the meat in the tender wrap was delicious. I've lived here for a couple of years now and wish I had found it sooner.

AJ W. Avatar

5 star ratingThis is my go to lunch when I have no left overs to take to work. I always get either the chicken platter or the tenderloins platter. It comes with fresh Greek salad and a home made dressing. Basmati rice, and the protein. Serving sizes are big and a pod bang for your buck. My favorite part is the sumac sauce and at this specific location they have spicy sumac as well. Well worth making my breath stink for the rest of the day!

Jessica F. Avatar
Jessica F.

5 star ratingI decided to order in and I'm so glad I chose this restaurant!! I decided to get the Combo I Platter with the Greek salad, rice, Kubideh, and Joojeh, with a side of the Must-o-Kheyar, and a piece of Walnut Baklava. THE BAKLAVA WAS THE BEST I'VE EVER HAD IN MY ENTIRE LIFE ITS SO THICK AND DELICIOUS. This restaurant is amazing and 10/10 would definitely order again!

Sofie G. Avatar
Sofie G.