Meet the Shabani brothers

Miami’s culinary pioneers, these gents have lived all over the world and speak too many languages to count.

Their main priorities boil down to this:
Family, food, and everything else!

Welcome to Rice Kitchen.
Welcome to our family.

With deepest appreciation,
Chef Ali, Esi, Jafar & Reza Shabani

Possibly the most mysterious man in the world, Executive Chef Ali Shabani brings the flavors you know and love to fruition each day. He also brings a wisdom to his interpersonal dealings that is befitting of several past lives, and a precision that keeps the kitchen on its toes.

“My parents taught us that the keys to a good life are honesty, hard work and healthy food. They are our biggest supporters, along with my nieces and nephews. Everything we do is about honoring the values of our parents by building a foundation for the future."

Jafar uses his design prowess and his past experience as a contractor to help design, build and maintain all Rice Hospitality Group restaurants. He can seem pretty intimidating at first … that is until you see him completely melt in the presences of his two young daughters. Oh and speaking of that heart of gold, he has a similarly alloyed acumen for business. He’s always planning the next big thing.

“We want to be part of every community that Rice calls home, and we are committed to our customers and our neighbors.” 

He’s the baby brother, and he’d rather run than walk. Esi is an Ironman Triathlete who manages the staff. He awakens at 4AM to train and often works late into the evening. A member of the Rice iRun Triathlon Team, Esi has many friends far and wide, but always puts his family first.

“Smile, love, dance and train today because you will never know what tomorrow brings.”

If you see Reza looking a little sleepy, that’s because he and his wife added twins to the family, which includes their 6-year-old son. It may be the most expensive two-for-one deal in history, but it’s also the best.  He oversees the back office, and enjoys horseback riding.

“We love how many of our lunch and dinner customers at Rice House of Kabob are families, and we crafted our new concept in hopes that will continue.”

The RICE Pledge

 We hold the simple belief that you deserve real food made from the freshest ingredients.

 Nothing hidden, no shortcuts.

 And we believe you deserve a meal created just for you.

 Our Eastern Mediterranean upbringing instilled within us a deep passion for top-notch grains and greens, freshly prepared and served close to their source.

 We pledge to bring this passion for authenticity and excellence to every community that Rice calls home.

 Like a grain of rice grown over time, fueled by luminous sun, nourished with patience and hard work, Rice Kitchen is a harvest of generations.

 It is the dreams of our parents and their parents, ripened by their wisdom and love, served humbly to you, with love, gratitude... and plenty of Sumac!